Students can explore and refine their career interests most clearly aligned with their passions and skill sets.
Learn about industry – Opportunities include:

  • Connect to local employers to answer your questions about a job or career field of interest
  • Help with a project, provide educational and earning potentials for careers
  • Tour a local business to visualize first hand – Tour a local business or organization to see the work in action
  • Start exploring the endless options here – Click around, learn more and explore endless opportunities on your own time


Engagement and partnership with our local education institutions provides a win-win solutions for all involved.

  • Investment in your community and regional economic development
  • Provides employer engagement and volunteer opportunities to support our community
  • Share experiences and knowledge in the classroom
  • Showcase your company to educators and students
  • Connection to future workforce


Teachers, Advisors, Parents and Career Influencers can be supported through community partnerships with our local employers which creates many benefits including:

  • Deeper knowledge of local employers in the region and the career fields available within
  • Depth of career fields available within each business and industry
  • Experts in the field to support or partner in the classroom
  • Resources for students and educational staff
  • Financial or product support


Classroom Opportunities

  • Student Technical Support

  • Provide Hands-on Learning Support

  • Teaching A Lesson/Skill

  • Provide Presentation

  • Donate Supplies

Outside Classroom Opportunities

  • On-Site Company Tour

  • Internship

  • Mentorship

  • Job Shadowing

  • Apprenticeship

  • Employment Opportunities